Start Linking with Daylite (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Daylite, the only made-for-mac CRM solution. Daylite expands the definition of CRM and boosts your team’s productivity while maximizing leads, customer relationships, and profits.

Daylite includes a remarkable set of tools to run your business. Calendars, tasks, contacts, and all the other bits you need for a world-class CRM are right there. Moreover, Daylite *gets* linking.

I’ve written (and talked) plenty about how laser-like linking can improve your productivity. The ability to jump from this task to *that task* or bit of data without having to wade through inboxes and master lists can make all the difference between getting your work done and getting stuck in the data molasses.

Daylite gets that. With Daylite, you can link all over your Daylite database (and out to external links as well) to stay on target. Moreover, since all the data in Daylite is shareable with your team, they also get the benefits of your laser-like tasks so they can stay on task as well.

Creating these custom links in Daylite is trivial, so you (and your team) can start using them today. So put Daylite to work today in your business.