MindNode for Superior Mind Maps (Sponsor)

This week’s Sponsor, MindNode, is my mind mapping app of choice. I was there at the beginning with mind map apps when they all cost north of $500 and were super complicated. When I first discovered MindNode (iOS Version) (Mac Version), it was love at first sight. MindNode, from day one, has always been an attractive yet powerful mind mapping app that makes the process of developing thoughts and ideas easy and fun. I use it daily. MindNode has a bunch of new features if you haven’t looked at it lately.

Emoji Support
You can choose from thousands of available emoji and then add them as an image to your nodes. It immediately makes your mind map more visual.

Compact Layout
They’ve got a brand new node layout for top-down mind maps. This can be used for organizational charts or any other type of mind map where this new format suits.

The New Apple Watch App
They fully redesigned the watch app using the look and feel of the MindNode Outline view. It’s faster, more responsive and makes capturing ideas on the go even easier. Also, I expect it would look pretty great on a 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

That’s not all. MindNode has plans in the works for this fall to turn the iPad app into a true desktop-class app with a customizable toolbar, improved controls, and a unified design with the Mac version. I can hardly wait.