AI As a Feature

It seems clear that in tech circles, 2023 will become the year of AI. Well, artificial intelligence used for creating images and writing texts now been around for several years, and it is this year that it has entered the mainstream.

One of the ways you see this is the increasing inclusion of artificial intelligence as an app feature. The first time I saw this was in Craft. I use Craft for managing my team, and they quickly adopted artificial intelligence as an additional feature in the application. Anywhere in a Craft document, I can hit command, return, and into a prompt and get some auto robot – create a text. I don’t find it particularly useful (yet). Still, it’s clear that in the future, as artificial intelligence gets better, this will be something we expect anywhere we see a cursor.

But it goes beyond writing applications. We are already seeing it in applications that you would not naturally think of as a destination for an artificial intelligence engine. A few weeks ago, Raycast announced they are adding artificial intelligence to their keyboard launcher. It’s a good idea. It allows you to generate AI text anywhere and then paste it somewhere else on your Mac.

As to images, Pixelmator Pro has been taking advantage of artificial intelligence for years. It can do all sorts of interesting tricks to your images, using AI and making it easier for the user to get power features without power knowledge. For me, this is one of the best implementations of AI because I am not an expert with image manipulation applications. The application helps me bridge the gap.

One of my favorite implementation of it has been at This is a web-based service that lets you document processes for your team. They have implemented AI into their engine so you can generate a new employee email or create a list of employee processes using artificial intelligence. Seeing this in action reminded me that artificial intelligence will be everywhere in the not-too-distant future.

My point is, that AI is showing up in apps and services everywhere.

My use of artificial intelligence is more helpful at this point to generate ideas than actual text. As an experiment, I was working on a Newsletter for the MacSparky Labs this morning. I asked it to generate text about the new rumored MacBook Air 15-inch. None of the generated text was usable. It read like a book summary by a clever person who’d only read the dust jacket. But when I asked artificial intelligence to come up with some names for this article, it did a pretty good job (although I didn’t pick any).

Regardless, you should expect more of your favorite apps to adopt some form of artificial intelligence. And when they do, have an open mind about it, and figure out where it can help you and where it falls short. Now that the snowball I started rolling, I’m eager to see how big it gets.