How I’m Using CleanMyMac

Over the weekend, I loaded CleanMyMac X for my March scan and noticed it’d received an update. Among the improvements was a battery drain alert function that will help you identify battery hogs earlier. It reminded me that I should write about how I like this app.

CleanMyMac does a system scan for me to look for unneeded large files, malware, and other efficiencies to keep my Mac running clean and fast. I manually run it about once a month. But I also use the app for my troubleshooting and maintenance routine. The app can speed up Apple Mail and rebuild your Spotlight index.

And a few years ago, they added malware detection. I’ve never felt wound up enough about malware to install malware software on my Mac, but I can do scans through CleanMyMac, and so long as those continue to return clean, I feel like I’m in good shape.

Over the years, CleanMyMac X has evolved into an excellent toolbox for my Mac. You can get it directly from Ukranian developer MacPaw or as part of a Setapp subscription.