How I’m Using CleanMyMac

Over the weekend, I loaded CleanMyMac X for my March scan and noticed it’d received an update. Among the improvements was a battery drain alert function that will help you identify battery hogs earlier. It reminded me that I should write about how I like this app.

CleanMyMac does a system scan for me to look for unneeded large files, malware, and other efficiencies to keep my Mac running clean and fast. I manually run it about once a month. But I also use the app for my troubleshooting and maintenance routine. The app can speed up Apple Mail and rebuild your Spotlight index.

And a few years ago, they added malware detection. I’ve never felt wound up enough about malware to install malware software on my Mac, but I can do scans through CleanMyMac, and so long as those continue to return clean, I feel like I’m in good shape.

Over the years, CleanMyMac X has evolved into an excellent toolbox for my Mac. You can get it directly from Ukranian developer MacPaw or as part of a Setapp subscription.

CleanMyMac X Can Now Remove Suspicious Apps

MacPaw, the Ukrainian company I wrote about a few weeks ago, has announced an update to their CleanMyMac X app with a new Suspicious Apps category to identify quickly, review and remove apps originating from Russia and Belarus to protect users from potential cyberthreats.

Legislation in Russia allows government and affiliated companies to access private information stored on servers in Russia without user consent or a court decision. Consequently, apps made or hosted in Russia and Belarus put your data at risk of government inspection at a minimum.

Of course, deciding what apps are safe and what apps are not is essential. The CleanMyMac X team does its best to avoid bringing safe apps to the suspicious list. Before making a decision, they use information from different sources, ask security experts, and contact the app developer whenever possible and reasonable.

I’m sure the MacPaw team has a lot on their plate right now, but as governments worldwide get increasingly aggressive about user data, I hope to see this feature expand. If you’re interested in CleanMyMac X, I’d recommend a Setapp subscription.

CleanMyMac X 4.8.0

MacPaw has released a new version of CleanMyMac X. I’ve talked about how I’ve been a user of CleanMyMac in the past as my go-to for disk maintenance and management. When it comes to Mac maintenance, I don’t want to fiddle in the terminal. I just want a nice looking app to handle it for me and in my case, it’s this one.

The update includes support for Apple silicon Macs. MacPaw has optimized the app for M1 so now CleanMyMac X runs like a champ on the latest Mac models. This latest version also brings a fresh new look with the biggest visual update in the last few years so now it perfectly matches the macOS Big Sur style. And to help you reclaiming disk space and help you get rid of even more junk, they’ve added a new feature to the System Junk module to save your disk space. You get get CleanMyMac X directly from MacPaw or as part of a Setapp subscription.

2 Smart-scan-clean-results.png

CleanMyMac X On the Mac App Store

I’ve been using CleanMyMac at least since the days of Macworld. I like the interface and the app has just got more powerful over the years. If you’re interested but prefer to buy software from the Mac App Store, you’re now in luck. After 12 years CleanMyMac X is launching on the Mac App Store. MacPaw has done a good job of getting numerous customer options for their software. You can subscribe through SetApp, buy directly through MacPaw, or through the Mac App Store. I’d love to see for other follow with so many purchase options.

CleanMyMac X

128px × 128px (128pt × 128pt @1x).png

Today MacPaw releases CleanMyMac X. CleanMyMac has always been my safe choice for disk maintenance and management. The app does a great job of getting cruft off your SSD and finding big, unwanted files. Over the years they’ve added most of the standard maintenance routines, which made CleanMyMac even easier to recommend.

With the newest version, the team has added malware protection. The new software will scan and detect thousands of malware threats on your Mac. This new feature, in hindsight, is obvious and a great addition to an already useful utility.

I got to see an early build of this in June and have been running the beta on my beta Mojave machine. That’s crazy. Right? It’s been fine. MacPaw knows what they’re doing. More than ever, CleanMyMac X is an all-around great Mac maintenance tool. You can get 30% off CleanMyMac directly from Mac Paw for a few days. It’s also included with a SetApp subscription.

CleanMyMac's new Malware Removal Screen.

CleanMyMac’s new Malware Removal Screen.

Clean Your Mac Safely with CleanMyMac 3 – Sponsor

I’m pleased to welcome a new sponsor to MacSparky, MacPaw, makers of CleanMyMac, an app that I’ve used on my Macs for years now. 

According to a study, people waste a full working week every year due to slow computers. It’s the same as losing your hard-earned 7-day vacation. Who would ever agree to that? What’s more striking, is how little it really takes to fix it and make your slow Mac work right. This is where CleanMyMac 3 kicks in. And here are a few reasons to give this native Mac app a chance. 

CleanMyMac speeds up your macOS performance with maintenance scripts. What they do is remove temporary items, optimize system libraries so your Mac feels and works smoother.
It removes up to 74 gigs of junk on an average Mac. Yeah, you can delete files on your Mac yourself, but it’s those large invisible files that are the main burden. System junk, pieces of old apps, outdated, broken items and so on.

Have you ever wondered why a new Mac that is straight from the store works so slick and fast? Right. It’s because it is clean, so wiping all the months-old garbage does translate into speed. So try it on your Mac, just as an experiment. 

I know some people are nervous about about these types of tools. CleanMyMac does it right. It performs a complete audit of your Mac and let’s you see and approve everything it intends to do before it makes any changes. I first bought CleanMyMac years ago and I’ve been running it regularly with no problems. You can speed up your Mac too with CleanMyMac 3. Best of all, to celebrate their sponsorship of MacSparky, you’ll beg 20% off with the links in this post until March 8. So what are you waiting for? Go clean your Mac.