A Better Email Life After SaneBox

B.S. and A.S., as in Before SaneBox (B.S.) and After SaneBox (A.S.). There’s life before SaneBox, when your email is managing you, and life and your productivity after SaneBox, when you are efficiently managing your time and email. 

SaneBox, this week’s sponsor at MacSparky, is an email management service that automatically sorts your email into folders based on each email’s importance. If you’re sill checking boxes and clicking on trash cans to deal with emails individually everyday … there’s a better way. With SaneBox, you will be able to see what you need to read now. The emails that you can deal with later are put in a folder called SaneLater, which has the distracting emails that can wait for you. Keep the disruptions out so you can focus on what what’s important to you. 

You can try this out for yourself. Sign up for a free trial, and get a $10 credit you can use towards a SaneBox subscription. Give SaneBox a try and compare for yourself how you managed your email B.S. (that’s before SaneBox).