SaneBox: Reduce the Noise (Sponsor) 

All of the emails in your inbox want your attention. But do they all need it? And do they need it right now? No, and you can cut down on the noise with SaneBox, MacSparky’s sponsor this week. 

With SaneBox, you can reduce the volume. SaneBox creates folders and moves unimportant emails there.  A folder for distractions. A folder for newsletters. A folder for CC’d emails. Initially, you’ll train SaneBox and their powerful A.I. will filter these non-urgent emails out of your inbox. Cut down on the noise and focus on what you need to. SaneBox will summarize the emails that didn’t make it into your inbox into a digest and you can deal with those emails when you’re ready to.  

Interested in a quieter inbox? You can give it a spin by signing up for a free trial, and you’ll get a $10 credit you can use towards a SaneBox subscription. Reduce the noise of your inbox, and be more productive every day with SaneBox.