Apple Watch and Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists have been studying motion tracking as a method for early detection of Parkinson’s Disease, which initially shows up with symptoms of rigidity and tremors. Researchers in the UK are looking to use smartwatches and their motion tracking to help prove an earlier Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Early results are positive, with AI models providing accurate early diagnosis. Further studies are underway, but it makes sense that a sensitive motion-tracking device on your wrist all day would notice things you may not.

Do you remember when the big story about the Apple Watch was that it was a fashion accessory? As the years go by, it becomes so obvious that the Apple Watch is primarily a robust health and fitness device in addition to telling you the time. I’m already starting a campaign to get one on my mother-in-law’s wrist. (Hat tip to Amber Neely at Apple Insider for turning me onto this research.)