SaneBox For a Fit and Trim Inbox (Sponsor)

Is your inbox fit and trim? SaneBox, MacSparky’s sponsor this week, will help you clean out your inbox. With their Deep Clean feature, you can trim your inbox in no time. 

Email Deep Clean quickly sorts and deletes unnecessary emails in bulk. You don’t have to go through your emails individually to delete them. SaneBox’s AI will look for emails older than a date you have decided on, and you’ll get an analysis on the senders that take up the most storage. You can decide what is no longer relevant and choose what goes in the trash. Declutter your email and get some storage space back. 

Clean up and free up your inbox with SaneBox. Sign up for a free trial and give it a try. As a friend of MacSparky, you’ll get a $10 credit you can use towards a SaneBox subscription. Spend less time on email and more time on what really matters.