Making Light, Candles that Create Focus (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Making Light Candles, my favorite source for candles (both as gifts and for myself). There is something special about lighting a candle. It’s a ritual we humans have been doing for a long time, and I find it an excellent way to stay focused and in the moment.

Making Light Candles are great for this. It’s a small family business with over forty years of experimentation and a solid commitment to sustainability. They use all-natural soy waxes, cotton wicks, reusable and recyclable containers, and a carefully curated collection of beautiful fragrances.

With a Making Light subscription, you (or your loved one) will get a monthly delivery of several Making Light candles, matches, and a nice note.

And when you gift a Making Light subscription, you’re helping spread the idea of focus. The subscription is based on using the candle as a ritual to do something you love. I treat these candles as special and burn them only when working on my most important projects. The ritual of lighting the candle, the smell, and the entire process now triggers my brain into focus mode. It’s like a shortcut but for your brain. When I’m done, I blow out the candle, and it waits for the next time I need to engage in that project.

These rituals work on our brains. They help you stay focused and more in the moment for the most important things you do. When you give a Making Light subscription, tell your recipient about this idea and how this is your small way to help them with their essential work. They’ll appreciate that.

And while you’re doing it, you’ll know you are helping a small family-owned and operated company that focuses on making the best products and giving back. (One of my favorite things about the company is their focus on teaching kids to make candles and burn wax instead of their brains on social media.)

Best of all, use the code “Sparky” and get a $10 discount code on any new subscription. This offer is time-limited, and the holidays are approaching, so don’t miss out.