Record and Edit Your Audio with AudiOn (Sponsor)

A man wearing an open red shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. He is sitting, talking into a microphone, and wearing headphones. he is looking at the microphone, and has a tablet between his hands right behind him is a really big red circle signifying a record button, and behind that you can see a waveform in red with some smoke, on a black background. This image is a product shot for the AudiOn, a voice recorder for iOS and android.

This week I welcome a new sponsor to MacSparky: AudiOn, from the makers of Boom3D, an app that lets you record and edit audio easily on iPhone, and that gives you a lot of great editing options.

I record my voice a lot to capture thoughts, ideas for content, or anything else that comes to mind. AudiOn takes that experience to a whole new level. You can do a lot to bring your recordings to life once they’re captured. You can add some effects like reverb or use the built-in equalizer, blend your voice with music, and also edit and merge recordings. I can see AudiOn being used by podcasters, voice actors, or anyone that use their voice to create content.What impressed me the most after using the app to record my voice is how clear the recording is. I was also able to use the Voice Isolation feature right within the app. You can of course record any audio, not just your voice, and have access to a nice set of editing tools.Take your iPhone audio recording to the next level with AudiOn, available for free on the App Store (with optional in-app purchase).