BusySync 2.0 Beta Impressions


You may recall my enthusiasm for BusySync, a preference pane application that allows you to sync all of the various iCal calendars on all the Macs in your home or office. I reviewed it right here. The promised version 2.0 is just around the corner and there is now a public beta of version 2. I’ve been using it just a few days but very impressed. The addition of Google Calendar syncing allows me not to just sync my calendars on my home network but from any computer plugged into the interweb.

BusySync google sync 2.jpg

I have a subscription to Spanning Sync and have been a generally satisfied user (except for the occasional sync explosion). That being said, so far I prefer BusySync. BusySync will put your iCal calendar straight on Google. I do not need to create separate calendars on Google and go through the process of linking iCal calendars to Google calendars. If I want to sync my iCal calendar, I just check the box. The actual syncing process also seem faster. Finally, at the expected $25 price point, BusySync is less expensive. I may do a second review of BusySync 2.0 once it escapes beta but for the time being, if you are interested, go download it here.
As always, whenever you are playing with calendar syncing back up early and back up often. That is actually another benefit of BusySync. It automatically creates and stores 10 backups of your calendar.

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OmniGraffle Pro 5 beta 1 – Initial Impressions

OmniGraffle Beta.png

The march of the Leopard only applications has begun. The Omni Group just released beta 1 of Omnigraffle 5. I’ve reviewed OmniGraffle already and explained how darn useful this application is. The new version takes advantage of Leopard with many new features.
I’ve been using it a few hours this morning making some diagrams for one of my cases and so far it is “thumbs up.” This is a major upgrade and I’m too early in the process to really understand them all but some initial thoughts are as follows:
* The new stencil viewer is an excellent upgrade.
* The overall improvements have made the process of drawing and creating both easier and more intuitive.
* The new bezier system is a definite improvement.
* The integration with OmniOutliner seems easier with drag and drop.
I’m looking forward to getting to know this beta a bit better. In the meantime you can download a copy for yourself from Omni. Pricing and availability of the final build has yet to be announced.

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