MacSparky 2 Year Blogaversary

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Today is the 2nd anniversary of the launch of MacSparky. It continues to amaze me how many readers there are. I started this site with no clear plan in mind except to have fun and, indeed, I have.
The numbers have continued to grow and while I remain a small outpost on the edge of the Interweb, I get an unexplainable amount of satisfaction from running the MacSparky empire and hearing from readers.
I’m hoping the third year will continue to bring more useful articles and new friendships. I am very excited about the new “Mac at Work” series and I have another significant announcement in the wings.
Regardless, I just wanted to thank all who come here for putting up with (sometimes dubious) grammar and my occasional incoherent babble. MacSparky and my participation in the Mac community at large is a joy for me and I look forward to another year.

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MacSparky Update


Thank you to all readers writing in and asking what has happened to their daily dose of MacSparky blogging goodness the last few days. I’d like to tell you I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy perfecting the cure for cancer but, alas, I’m just swamped with work from the day job. In fact, I’m so busy that my brand new MacBook Pro (courtesy of AppleCare) is sitting in the corner looking at its new owner rather dubiously for who could ignore such a pretty new computer.
Things should be coming around later this week and definitely by the weekend although I’ll have to take a pass on this week’s Surfbits podcast. The good news is the review I am currently working on is ScreenFlow and hopefully I’ll be able to put up a new screencast once I get the new machine configured.
Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

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Website Woes

Today I upgraded Wordpress and managed to thoroughly botch things up. I was using an old template that had fits after I upgraded. Thankfully, I got things sorted out with a new template that is nearly identical to the old one. I’m still dealing with “issues” in the banner but hope to have those sorted out soon.
Once again, my pal Darren Rolfe from Macwingnut totally saved my bacon with getting the logo on a new banner. Things are busy in the office but I should have the site further tuned up in the next few days or possibly the weekend.

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