Acorn 7

Acorn is a quality image editor for MacOS that won’t break your patience or your bank. They’ve got you covered on the basics like touching up your images, removing backgrounds, color correcting, resizing, and cropping, but they can help you do so much more.

Acorn gives you choices. They’ve got a ton of photo effects to choose from, and they’re easy to use. You can really play around with filters. Not only can you combine filters together for endless combinations, but you don’t have to commit and can change your mind if you don’t like the filter you chose.

Gus Mueller, the gent behind Flying Meat Software, just keeps improving Acorn. Their last update gave us a new export workflow, a super accurate color picker, a tool to help fix perspective distortions, and altering or even creating your own animated GIF. Acorn on sale at only $19.99, which is 50% off the regular price but that is ending next week.