Act Now!

Looking through Twitter today, I discovered many of my favorite iOS apps are on sale.

MindNode: $4.99, Usually $9.99

MindNode’s become my favorite mind mapper. It got a nice iOS 7 redesign and it continues to get better.


PCalc – The Best Calculator: $4.99, usually $9.99

It took me several years (and plenty of Dr. Drang posts) to finally come around to PCalc but now I can’t imagine not having it on my iPhone.


Launch Center Pro: $1.99, usually $4.99

Launch Center Pro for iPad: $1.99, usually $4.99

This is another app that took me awhile to warm up to. Now it’s in my dock.


Boxer: $4.99, usually $9.99

I’ve been playing with this app and plan to give it extended coverage in the next update to the Email Field Guide.


Fantastical 2 for iPad: $7.99, usually $9.99

One of the best calendar apps on the iPad.