Alto’s Odyssey Ships

While I’ve never been a particular fan of endless runner games, Alto’s Adventure really grabbed me. I’m certain it’s the iPhone game I’ve logged the most hours playing. There is something special about it because it’s fun and challenging while at the same time … for lack of a better word … peaceful. The graphics and music are both wonderful. I find it very relaxing snowboarding and jumping. Even when I crash, it doesn’t feel so bad.

Today we get the sequel, Alto’s Odyssey. I’ve only spent 15 minutes with it but it’s just as fun and relaxing as the original. The gameplay is very similar but it looks like there are additional features as I get deeper and I’m looking forward to slowly unlocking them all. 

Alto’s Odyssey is easy to pick up and doesn’t require you to make in-app purchases to enjoy. Control is just one finger on the screen. Give it try.