The Return of AppBox Pro

Years ago one of my favorite applications on my iPhone was AppBox Pro (Website)(App Store). This application combines a bunch of little utilities under one roof. If you want something to help you calculate a tip, figure out the difference between two dates, and get the exact details of your iPhone’s battery life, AppBox Pro would deliver.

While it wasn’t particularly spectacular at any task, it really didn’t need to be and I liked that I could do it all from one icon instead of 12. However, development lingered and when iOS 7 showed up, the world moved on but AppBox Pro did not. For months I would open up in hopes that it received the much-needed update and it never did.

I still held a glimmer of hope. Earlier today I was cleaning through folders of applications on my phone and found AppBox Pro buried deeply. Apparently I never got around to deleting it. However, the icon had changed. My eyebrows raised. Could this be the day? Indeed, it was. AppBox Pro has a nice new update that looks great and after using the application for 15 minutes, it seems to do just like before, deliver many little utilities competently.

The features include a date counter, budget tracker, menstrual cycle calendar, currency converter, solar and lunar calendars, unit converters, holiday counter, loan calculator, tip calculator, battery status and device information, magnifier with brightness, and (of course) a random number generator for those dungeon masters out there.

You get all this for two bucks. I’m happy to have it back on my iPhone and iPad.