Apple Fitness+ and Peloton

Now that Apple Fitness+ is in the wild, everyone is racing to make comparisons with Peloton. You know Peloton, right? It’s that fancy stationary bike and treadmill that all Apple enthusiasts are supposed to own (in addition to a Tesla). I have never owned a Peloton (or a Tesla), but I know enough about Peloton to feel this comparison is a little forced.

While you can have a Peloton account without Peloton hardware, I don’t know anyone who has one without the other. Apple Fitness+ has way more workout options but requires an Apple Watch.

Peloton — A remarkably good system to get fit with Peloton exercise equipment.

Apple Fitness+ — A remarkable way to get fit with an Apple Watch.

This isn’t to say that Apple couldn’t start trying to eat Peloton’s lunch in the future. However, if they were to do that, I would expect them to start making their own branded exercise equipment that also interfaces with the Apple TV, like the Apple Watch. It’s not a bad idea, but given how hesitant Apple is to enter new markets, I suspect that’s not in the cards. Need proof? Look at all of the HomeKit gear out there, and note Apple’s refusal to enter the fray with its own branded plugs, switches, and whatnot.

There are certain areas of interest, such as privacy and accessibility, for which I genuinely believe Apple sees itself making the world a better place. I think health is another one of those areas, particularly with the Apple Watch. With the amount of money Apple makes, there was no need to build a fitness service. My opinion is that Apple Fitness+ doesn’t exist to beat Peloton, but because the folks at Apple thought it would help a lot of people with their fitness goals.

All that said, I’ve been trying Apple Fitness+, and it’s impressive, though I’m still undecided. My gym closed due to COVID restrictions, and I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. I’ve been working out with FitBod while watching YouTube videos for months now, and, for me, I think consuming educational videos while working out beats all the Apple Fitness+ bells and whistles.