Apple AR/VR Goggles on September 7? I Don’t Think So.

I’ve had an unusual amount of email from people asking me if I think Apple will announce its new AR/VR Headset product on September 7. Apparently, there are rumors of this, but I wouldn’t trust them.

The iPhone is Apple’s primary product. It is half of Apple’s revenue (and that is A LOT of revenue). I can’t imagine they want the world thinking about anything but the iPhone for the next month. The most reliable rumor folks seem to think we won’t see the headset until next year. That makes more sense to me.

Silly Season is Ramping Up for an Apple Headset

Apple is a secretive company but the existence of new Apple products are rarely much of a secret these days. We knew a tablet was coming. We knew there was a watch coming. We currently know there is a mixed reality headset on the way.
And now the smoke signals are going up for an announcement in 2022.

  • Ming-Chi Kuo is now reporting weight (around 350 grams) and operation details (it will not require an iPhone). He also reports a 2022 Q2 Announcement (WWDC would make sense) and a Q4 2022 release.
  • Mark Gurman also reports in that the first generation device will be used for “gaming, media consumption, and communication.”

This is just the beginning. As this filters out to the not-so-super-connected technology audience, the rumors about this product are going to be nuts.

Where I was eager for an Apple Watch and very eager for a tablet, I’m not sure where I stand on a headset. I think this is definitely a space Apple should have an offering, but I’m still not sure what their approach will be.

If you are curious about what Apple is going to offer, I would recommend not getting too hung up on the rumors. There are going to be so many words thrown into the Internet meat grinder about an Apple headset when things really start heating up and nearly all of them will be by folks who have no clue what is actually going on.