The Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle

Stack Social’s got a new bundle worth checking out. It includes a useful assortment of productivity apps including the following:

Screenflow 5

This is my go-to screencasting application. Screenflow is my production tool for all of the Field Guides, including the latest OmniFocus Video Field Guide. I paid $99 for it.


This is RealMac’s text editor. It is definitely worth checking out. I also bought this one full price.

AfterShot 2

A photo editing and managing application.


This app lets you view groups of photos and select just one while dumping the rest.


A data recovery application.


An application to easily access your cloud storage.

Things 2

The popular task management application.

In addition to all of these great productivity applications, they are also giving you a copy of Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth. The Civilization Games are a lot of fun and addictive. Indeed, the inclusion of this game (which is one of my favorite time killers) with all of these productivity enhancing applications seems almost poetic.

You can get all of the above apps for $44.99, which is a 90% discount over the list price of the applications combined. The bundle is less than half price of Screenflow alone. If you buy through the links in this post, I get a little affiliate spiff. Who doesn’t like that? Also, put in the coupon code ULTRAMAC5 at checkout for an additional $5 off.