BusyCal Turns 2.5

Today marks the release of BusyCal 2.5. This update is huge if you are using Exchange or Office 365 in that it includes full calendar sync. It supports Exchange Calendars and Tasks, calendar sharing, and meeting scheduling (including viewing free/busy time).

So using BusyCal 2.5 you can now sync with iCloud, Google Calendar, and Exchange. BusyCal is a great replacement for the built in Apple Calendar app. It is actively developed by some really smart (and nice) folks so it gets a lot more love than Apple’s Calendar application (which is only updated with each new iOS release).

There have always been a lot of good reasons to use BusyCal and now Exchange sync means Exchange users can finally get in on the action. Learn more at BusyCal.com.



BusyCal 2 Limited Discount

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 9.31.01 PM.png

Have you had it with the Calendar app? Do those little bits of non-existent torn paper make you a little crazy? Check out BusyCal 2. There is a lot to like about BusyCal with things like 2-week view, list view, live weather, better alarms, and a useful menubar app. It is just better than Calendar in so many ways and its introductory price of $29.99 is going away at the end of March. Starting April 1, BusyCal 2 is going up to $49.99. Now is the time to commit.

BusyCal 2

Today marks the release of BusyCal 2, the premier third-party calendar app on the Mac. This new version takes all that was good about version 1 and builds upon it. The new UI is more customizable. Do you want to show 12 days in weekview and reflect your week starting on Wednesday? BusyCal 2 has got you covered.

This new version also ups its game with respect to filtering and viewing calendar data with smart filters. Overall, the application got polish, Mountain Lion compatibility (including Notification Center), and several new features. Did I mention there is no torn paper?

You can download a demo from the developer and the app is available for a limited time at $29.99 from the Mac App Store.