Carrot Weather 4.6


I’ve written about Carrot Weather in the past. It’s the weather app with a snarky attitude. Today they released version 4.6 that adds notifications on the iPhone, new app icons, and a bunch of new dialogue.

It’s been several years since I first wrote about Carrot Weather and it still remains my favorite weather app. Sometimes I’ll turn off its legendary snark entirely for months at a time and it still remains a great weather app. I’m particularly impressed with changes in the last year. Both the today view screen and Apple Watch apps are some of the best in class.

Carrot: Weather with Attitude

Growing up in southern California, I never thought much about weather. It’s always kind of nice and occasionally too hot but never too humid. But these days things are getting weird here and it has stopped raining. Not only do I care more about weather these days, I am carrying this underlying animosity towards it. 

With this in mind, I’ve found my perfect weather app, CARROT weather (iOS App Store) (Mac App Store). Carrot has timely and accurate weather data. It has more data than I certainly can use including things like humidity, pressure, dew point, and other things I don’t particularly care about (or even understand). It also has solid weather predictions including temperature, how cloudy it will be, and wind speeds. If you pay an extra $1.99, it will predict and tell you when it’s going to rain. (Snort.)

Best of all though is that the app has a sense of humor. It’s kind of malicious but since that matches my own attitudes toward weather, it’s perfect. When you open it up, it’s voice will say something snarky about the current weather.


There is a lot more whimsy throughout Carrot weather. For instance, there is a circle, dubbed the “ocular sensor”, that serves no purpose. If you tap it, the application takes offense for you poking it in the eye and then says something appropriately rude to you.

The app also has weather for your current location or any other place you ask it to track weather. Some of the locations are pretty exotic, like Mount Doom and the Skywalker moisture farm. 

There are notifications, a today view widget, and all the other bells and whistles you’d expect. They have an app for iOS and also the Mac. While all this attitude is not necessary, I smile at least once a day when checking weather and in the middle of the California drought, that’s pretty special.