Family Encryption

The Cloak VPN service, now getting renamed to Encrypt.Me, is offering a new family encryption service where you can have VPN services for everyone in your family of five for $12.99/month. I’m already a Cloak subscriber. The app is dead-simple to use and I’m often around public WiFi. It really isn’t that much more to upgrade to the family plan and put everyone on it. The question is, are we at a point where I need to get religion into my family about VPN security?

My initial reaction is that I’m being paranoid and my wife and kids would probably not bother with VPN even if I set them up with something as simple as Cloak. However, when I read the full extent of government and non-government snooping going on out there, I’m sorely tempted to put everyone on VPN. This sounds like fodder for a dinner table conversation.