My Talk at CMD-D 2017


Speaking of Automation and Sal Soghoian, Sal recently posted a video of my presentation at his CMD-D conference last year along with several of the other speakers. My talk was about the Workflow application. This was one of my favorite (and most challenging) talks because the audience ranged from people that had never used Workflow to the actual application developers. Yikes. This was before we learned about Siri Shortcuts but there is still some good stuff. Finally, Sal is going to do the CMD-D conference again this year, and it is a three day AppleScript intensive.

Learn AppleScript at CMD-D

Last year I was able to attend (and even speak at) the first CMD D Masters of Automation course. CMD-D is back this year, and this time it’s a three-day event and all about AppleScript. Sal Soghoian and Ray Robertson, two of the smartest people on the planet when it comes to AppleScript are teaching. Years ago I took Sal’s two-day AppleScript at Macworld, and I still use skills I picked up those two days. If you’d like to figure out AppleScript, this one is for you.

Masters of Automation on Upgrade Podcast

Last week I attended the first ever CMD-D: Masters of Automation conference in San Jose. At the end of the day, Jason Snell did a live on-stage podcast with all the speakers, including yours truly. 

The show went live this week in the Upgrade feed. I though it came out great and there is a lot of good information about where we stand with automation technologies with both Mac and iOS. The CMD-D portion starts about 30 minutes into the podcast but I recommend listening to the whole thing.

See Me at the CMD-D Conference

When Sal Soghoian left Apple I explained to friends that I was sad to see such a great advocate leave Apple but also happy to know we’d get more of Sal’s feedback and help in the community. We can already see the effects of his collaboration with the Omni Group.

If that’s not enough, Sal’s also organizing a conference on Mac and iOS automation, CMD-D, to be held on August 9, 2017 in Santa Clara. 

Today’s news is that I’ll be one of the speakers. Specifically, I’ll be covering iOS Automation, focussing primarily on Workflow for iOS. I think this conference will be a lot of fun. If you’re planning on attending, please look me up.