Announcing the Disneyland Field Guide

For years now, I’ve had a little pet project brewing in the background. My wife and I have been writing a Disneyland Field Guide together. So far we have about 30,000 unedited words and a massive pile of ideas. During the pandemic, we’ve been talking about getting this project off the ground when Disneyland re-opened. However, we’ve taken a left turn.

We’re throwing all the words overboard and we’ve decided to make this Field Guide as a YouTube / Instagram / Blog thing. We’re going to start making short videos with our piles of tips and ideas for ways to enjoy the Disneyland Resort. We’ve got a little gear and a pile of good ideas and we’re just going to build this out slowly. Future topics range from the best way to get attraction reservations to where the cleanest (and least busy) bathrooms are. Daisy and I have been castmembers/passholders for decades and we know a lot of tricks.

So the Disneyland Field Guide is official as of today, but there isn’t much content … yet. Tomorrow we will be attending the (re) opening day and we’ll start getting more uploaded after that.

Our goals with this project aren’t to take over the world so much as have fun making something together. Our kids are growing up, and we’d like to spend years building up this channel. That said, we want to bring good production values to the table and make this a resource that people really can use and enjoy.

If you’ve got any interest (or want to help a fellow nerd get some juice on YouTube), check out the YouTube, Instagram, and Website. Taking a few minutes to watch some of our videos in the first few months would also be appreciated as we are hoping we can get this channel off to a good start. The first video (which is more of a test than anything else) is some 360 video in the Resort Esplanade we shot over the weekend just outside the Disneyland Main Gate.