DJay Pro for iPad

There are some applications for which the iPad is simply better than a traditional computer. One of those is disc jockeying. Today ­Algoriddim, developer of the popular DJ app, released DJay Pro (website)(App Store). The new application takes advantage of the iPad Pro to give professional level DJ tools including 4 Decks, HD Waveforms, and Video Mixing. The application can work with locally stored music or your Spotify account. The app also has support for many popular DJ controlers and multichannel USB audio interfaces.

In addition to four audio tracks, it can also handle two 4K video streams and works with the iPad Pro using keyboard shortcuts for cue points, looping, library navigation, search, and more. While these tools would all make a professional DJ quite happy, I think it is also great for amateurs. I was able to operate the app after just a few minutes fiddling in the interface. The next family party just got a significant audio upgrade. As a side note, when my kids heard me mixing tracks in DJay Pro, they thought I was a total badass.