The New DraftTable

ElevationLab has put out a new and improved DraftTable for iPad Pro. I think a lot of iPad stands just aren’t sturdy and adjustable enough for an iPad Pro, and ElevationLab has thoughtfully engineered a stand for some of the different ways we use the iPad Pro. DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro has easy-to-adjust spring-loaded legs that lock open and closed, and an extra wide adjustment range. That means you can adjust your iPad Pro to the best position for what you need to get done without it moving or tipping over when you tap or draw on it. But that doesn’t mean the DraftTable is bulky or cumbersome. In fact, it neatly folds away so that it’s flat and easy to store and travel with.

They’ve also got a DraftTable V2 Pro Kit available that includes ArmRest, which lets you draw comfortably all day without fatigue, and a silicone PencilStand, which holds our Apple Pencil locks to your desk with air suction so you won’t knock it over. Try out this ergonomic iPad Pro stand to get the most out your iPad.

I purchased the V1 DraftTable and I still use it. It is a great way to use your iPad on your desk and I use mine all time.