iOS 15 Voice-to-Text Dictation

I’ve been running tests on iOS 15 voice-to-text dictation. The below video demonstrates an iOS 15 vs. an iOS 14 comparison on two iPhones with the same processor. iOS 15 is slightly faster and more accurate. Because it is being done on-device, you are also freed from the whims of your Internet connection.

Where iOS 15 really pulls ahead is the removal of the blasted timer. No longer do you have to randomly restart dictation as you dictate. This will be a game changer when it releases. The below video shows demonstrates this difference.

Focus Mode and Contextual Computing

Focus Mode iPhone Screenshots.PNG

Watching WWDC Monday, one announcement that landed with me was the new Focus feature. (If you follow my podcasts, this shouldn’t be a surprise.) Regardless, I’ve spent the last few days playing with this new feature, and I like it. Focus is like Do Not Disturb, except it solves most of the limitations associated with Do Not Disturb.

First, Build a Wall

With Focus mode, I can set a specific kind of focus. One of mine is Podcasting. When you set up a Focus mode, your Apple devices put up walls to keep out distractions while you work on focused work. That may be the best part of the Focus feature: It starts with a wall. It’s then up to you to punch very specific (and small) holes in that wall. The fact that it begins with the concept that everything is blocked is why it works.

Make Exceptions for People

You can then add specific people that can breakthrough. Getting interrupted while trying to make an entertaining show is distracting. So in the case of my Podcasting Focus, the only people that can get through are my podcast partners and my wife.

Make Exceptions for Apps (or Don’t)

Next, you can poke holes for app notifications. In the case of podcasting, the only app I’m letting through is Zoom on my Mac. In my “Legal Work” Focus, it’s a different set of apps. This is the nice thing about switches and dials. Different areas of focus require different kinds of walls.

Consider Time-Sensitive Notifications

In addition to exceptions for people and apps, you can also make space for time-sensitive notifications to get through. Maybe this is something like a delivery notification or a notice that your Lyft driver is waiting. While I’ve got this option turned on for some of my Focus setups, it’s off for podcasting. Again, no interruptions are allowed when the mic is hot.

Let Folks Know

You can also auto-respond, letting people know you are in Focus mode and giving them a way to breakthrough if something is truly important. I use this feature in most modes.

Choose a Home Screen

If that’s not enough, you can also have your phone go to a specific home screen when you set the Focus mode. This includes pages you usually keep hidden. I will be setting up a hidden page of apps I use when I play music (metronome, tuner, sheet music app, and music app for play-along) and tie it to a reasonably liberal Focus mode. Then when I trigger the mode, I get the hidden music tools home screen.

Focus Automation

You can trigger Focus mode based on app usage, time of day, or, location. Alternatively, “Smart Activation” uses all of these variables for the device to turn it on for you. Also, the Shortcuts integration is bi-directional. I could just as easily run a Shortcut that has an action that triggers the Music Focus mode. It’s up to you.

The Walls Go Up Everywhere

Another great point about Focus mode is that it works across all your devices. If I set this Podcasting Focus Mode on my Mac, it also kicks in on my iPhone and iPad. For years, my pre-podcast ritual involved finding stray Apple devices to turn off before hitting the red button. This solves that.

Focus Mode on Mac.png

Room for Improvement

I am digging Focus mode but already see a few things I’d like added/changed. First, picking multiple contacts for exceptions is slow and painful. I’d prefer it also give me an option to select contact groups, like “family” or “clients”. I would also like the ability to duplicate focus modes as a starting point for new modes. Finally, I’d like to be able to customize the focus notification based on the specific Focus mode.

Focus Mode and Contextual Computing

Regardless, this new feature is aces. Moreover, it dovetails with my never-ending quest to further contextualize all of my time with technology. When I want to write a contract, I need my digital gizmos to set me up for that task and no other. When I want to make music, it should be the same. With a bit of effort, Focus mode will bring this power to all of us and across all of our Apple devices. I’m only two days into figuring out the best workflows for Focus mode, but I can already see how this will be a fixture of my work (and leisure) time going forward.