Lego UX


Having built a lot of LEGO sets over the years, I had given very little thought to their user experience (UX) design until I read this by George Cave. Regardless of your feelings about LEGO panels, this article will teach you a lot more about UX than you may expect (via Kottke).

Lego Fusion

First you build a tower from LEGO bricks. Then it magically appears in an iOS app and you defend the tower you built, brick-by-brick in the real world, from invaders in the virtual iOS world. Sign me up.

Lego Mac

I recently got this awesome Classic Mac lego set from Chris McVeigh. There is a standing joke in my house. The kids get Lego, dad begs to help, dad gets denied. Not this time. The kit even includes a clever Lego logic board. I love having this on my desk