The History of the iPhone on MacCast

This week I joined Adam Christianson on the MacCast where we reminisced about the history of the iPhone and how it changed so many things. We also compared our first app purchases, which was really fun. Adam and I have been friends for a long time and every time we do one of these podcast geek-out sessions it’s fun and informative.

The MacCast Amigos

I joined Adam Christianson, Victor Cajiao, and Ken Ray on the MacCast podcast to discuss Apple’s music and media content strategy, how we think Apple did in 2016 and what we hope to see from Apple in 2017, and the future for Apple’s Siri technology in the next version of iOS. Plus we each talked about some of our favorite technology.

Maccast Appearance

Yesterday I was a guest on the Maccast and had the pleasure of talking with Adam Christianson and Ken Ray about several Apple-related topics including memory upgrades, the future of television, and the deification of Steve Jobs. It was a lot of fun and you can download it now.