Nerdy Professionals on iPad Document Management

Ernie Svenson and I are doing another Nerdy Professionals seminar next Friday, Aparil 19 at 1pm EST on how to use the iPad. This one will focus on managing PDFs on your iPad. We are going to cover the basics of how to get documents on your iPad, and how to manage, annotate, and share them. The seminars are done through Go-To-Webinar and you can watch Ernie and I use our iPads as we talk. The session will last for an hour. We don’t have continuing legal education credit set up just yet but they are pretty helpful. If you’re an attorney and want some help with this or know an attorney that needs some help with their iPad, send them over to and have them sign up. Use “MacSparky” for a discount.

Nerdy Professionals: Bringing the iPad to Lawyers

I don’t talk about it much at MacSparky or on the Mac Power Users but over the last several years I’ve spent a lot of time talking to lawyers about the iPad. I spoke to the lawyers at the American Bar Association and even the Federal Judicial College. Judges and lawyers are fascinated with the iPad because it is so perfect for so many of the things we do.

Ernie Svenson, one of my very favorite legal nerds, and I have started an online iPad training seminar for professionals, called, appropriately, Nerdy Professionals. The problem with this type of education is that it is so often terrible. There is a guy sitting behind a desk with some crummy PowerPoint slides behind him. It feels a lot more like watching a hostage video than an opportunity to learn something useful. Ernie and I have some great ideas to make it better and we intend to impress. We are doing our first webinar on March 1, 2013 on iPad basics. We’re planning on doing a whole series of webinars on how we use our iPads to make the other side look bad at the courthouse. If that is your thing, or you know a professional that needs some help getting started with his or her iPad, send them over.

Also, you can get a 10% discount with the code “macsparkyblog”.