2020 Relay Membership Shows

All of my Relay.FM shows have now posted their membership shows. If you are supporting any of the Relay.fm podcasts, you should have access to this feed. The bonus shows this year were a lot of fun.

Windows Power Users

Stephen and I used Windows for a week and reported in on the bonus MPU episode.

Working for the Mouse

Both Rosemary and I worked for Disney. In this episode, we share the stories of how we got the gigs and fun things that happened to us during our time with the mouse. We also talk about the two kinds of former Disney employees.

Focused on Pens

Mike Schmitz has gone nuts with fancy pens. We made our own inferior version of the Pen Addict, where I shared my fancy pens, and Mike shared, and shared, and shared his.

The Relay Family Feud and Trophy Giveaway

Bell not included.

Bell not included.

The Relay Fifth Anniversary live show was a lot of fun. You can watch the video below. Since my team came out victorious, I find myself in possession of a precious trophy, one of only five in the world. I have, however, decided to part with it. As you may know, Relay has partnered with St. Jude to help them raise money to take care of sick children. I’m going to give my extremely rare and valuable trophy to whoever makes the biggest contribution to St. Jude between the time of this post and midnight Pacific on September 13. If you want to be considered, send me proof and write “Trophy Contest” in the email subject line. I’ll pay for shipping, so long as you are not on the moon. Wouldn’t this look nice on your desk?