MacSparky 2016 T-shirt Campaign

It’s been nine years since I launched MacSparky and I figured it was about time to have an official shirt. So here it is for a limited time. Studies indicate that wearing this shirt will make you more attractive and smarter. You can get it either as a T-shirt or baseball shirt. It’s a short campaign so get in there if you want one.

2016 MacSparky Shirt - Front.png

What About That Potty-Word on the Back?

There’s a bad word on the back of this shirt, “Badass”. I know that some readers have children or just don’t want to wear a shirt with that word on it. If that’s you, I understand and don’t mind. The reason I’m including it is because when I self-published my first book, the Paperless Field Guide, I explained that the purpose of the book was to turn readers into “Badass Wielders of Technology.” It was fun putting that in a book after having been at the yoke of traditional publishing and it still makes me smile. So this shirt gets a “Badass”.