Better macOS Spaces

When working on a laptop, especially the tiny MacBook, I use a lot of full-screen apps and then the macOS Spaces feature is a big help. You just three-finger swipe up on the trackpad, and you get something that looks like this. (Click to enlarge) 

You can also three-finger swipe sideways between Spaces. I guess Apple’s data shows that a lot of people go sideways and few people go up to pick a particular app. I’m an outlier. Because I’ll often have ten or more apps running as I get work done this way, swiping sideways is tedious and feels more like playing a slot machine than getting work done. It’s much more efficient for me to swipe up and tap on the desired app. 

The problem with macOS Spaces, however, is that by default, macOS re-arranges the Spaces automatically based on recent use. The idea is that you should be able to get the most recent apps the easiest. Again, I’m apparently an outlier. Just because I haven’t opened OmniFocus for a few hours doesn’t mean I want it to move down to the end of the line. This preference scrambles my apps every time I swipe up causing further unnecessary delay. Fortunately, you can turn the preference off.

With this turned off I manually set apps where I want them and then long sessions of switching between full-screen apps is quick and painless.