Staad Attaché Review


Up until last year, my mobile computing platform was a 15 inch MacBook Pro. While Apple has done a lot to make these devices smaller over the years, it still kind of feels like a lunch tray. As a result, I bought a big leather briefcase to carry it around and when going to meetings and court appearances for the day job. It’s a great briefcase, but it’s also big. I transitioned to a smaller 12″ MacBook last year and lately, it feels like overkill when I’m carrying around my small MacBook or my iPad Pro.

So I decided to find something a bit smaller but still classy enough that I can carry it into a meeting or courtroom. That’s what led me to Waterfield Bags‘ new Staad Attaché.

The Staad Attaché is a waxed canvas and leather bag with a wide bottom, allowing you to carry enough to get through your day without overwhelming you. Most Waterfield bags are designed specifically around a particular device. If they make a bag for specific iPad, it will be cut and sewn to those specific dimensions so your device fits perfectly. The Staad Ataché has a wider reach. It holds my iPad Pro with the Apple smart case nicely. But it could also hold the iPad Pro with one of the bigger keyboard cases, 13 inch MacBook Air, a 13 inch MacBook Pro, or a 12 inch MacBook. Indeed, on some days mine holds both my iPad Pro with the Apple smart case and my 12 inch MacBook.

There is a nice leather handle and a padded strap. In addition to holding my hardware, there’s room inside for power adapters, cables, and Apple pencil, and a notepad with papers or even a small book. Everything fits comfortably and closes nicely.

Speaking of closing, I really like the buckle. It’s based on a World War II era ammunition buckle. It attaches securely while at the same time disconnecting easily. Simply give the right piece a tug and you are into your bag. It’s much more convenient then wrestling with traditional buckles and straps. There are two zippers in front for a small pouch that includes a lined pocket for and iPhone.

There’s also a pocket on the back where I can put papers and other items I may need quickly. Finally, there is a wheelie handle slip so you can slide it right over your rolling cart when traveling.

Best of all, the Staad Attaché is extremely attractive and absolutely fits in a professional environment. It’s the perfect size for my iPad Pro or MacBook (or both) when I’m on the road and want to look professional. I’ve been buying bags from Waterfield for years now and they’ve all held up. I expect no differently for this one and anticipate up I will be using it for years to come.

You can learn more about the Staad Attaché from Waterfield.