Gabe Weatherhead is, without a doubt, one of my favorite nerds in Internetland. He blogs. He podcasts. And now he develops Apps. Gabe has told me in the past how he combines his geeky superpowers with his love of good beer and now he, along with some other smart people like Jeff Hunsberger, has created an App, TapCellar, to make drinking beer even more fun. I love how they brought design elements that only serious beer drinkers could think of, like the requirement that it work great offline (because so many bars have reception) and that it be something you can use one handed … well … because … beer. Gabe explains it all at MacDrifter.

If you occasionally partake in some foamy recreation, go get TapCellar. Also, if Gabe is reading this I’d just like to publicly say that another version of this app could be pretty special for tea drinkers. That is all.