Tasks are Stored Intentions

I recently heard my friend, Kourosh Dini, explain tasks as “stored intentions”. I think that’s a wonderful outlook for tasks. Too often, we think of tasks as obligations or future sources of guilt. And really, all they are is unfulfilled intentions.

Intentions, like tasks, can change. They should adapt as circumstances change. This flexibility is more important than any task management tool. It reminds you that your attitude towards task management and your choice to commit to a task are personal and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Digital + Analog Tasks (MacSparky Labs)

I’ve been running an experiment with the Analog Card system where I’m transitioning tasks to analog cards in the last few days before I perform them. It’s giving me the advantages of a digital plus an analog system without much extra time. So far, I’m digging it. Here’s an explanation of the experiment so far…

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