Thank You and a Few Updates

I had so much great feedback on my big announcement yesterday. I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words. You all sent me many lovely emails, tweets, comments, and other feedback. I’m trying to reply to it all of it, but I’m still working my way through. There were a few things that came up in the feedback that I wanted to follow up on here at the blog:

On Making Big Life Changes

I heard from many folks who have already navigated one of these significant life changes or are thinking about something similar. I wasn’t sure if yesterday’s post with all the tedious details about how I went through this process was too much. I’m sure for some people it was, but I am delighted to find that for a lot of people, it was a help.

On the MacSparky Labs Content vs. MacSparky Free Content

Don’t worry if you’re not interested in joining the MacSparky Labs. I am not abandoning free content. My point was that with no more client obligations, I’m putting out more free content AND a ton of new MacSparky Labs content. Another benefit is that I’ll be able to do monthly free webinars. (Save the date on January 21. More info coming soon.) 

In other words, more content across the board.

MacSparky Labs Account Upgrades

Some folks signed up at one level and now want to upgrade. Everything is in place, so the system will prorate your cost if you purchase an upgraded account while logged in. Also, we have a MacSparky Labs support email if you have any problems.

Lastly, Thanks Again

I spent three months getting rid of all of my legal clients that I spent nearly three decades building. I was counting on some support from the MacSparky Labs to help offset that lost income. I had no idea if anyone would sign up for it. A lot of you did, and that means everything to me. Thank you!