Timing App Updates to Use Screen Time Data

Time tracking can pay a lot of dividends when you are trying to figure out how you really spend your time. The problem, of course, is getting good data. Timing is a Mac application that automatically tracks your time based on your current activity. It’s a smart app, that gets even smarter with a little training.

But it’s never really had an answer to tracking time on your mobile devices, until now. Yesterday Timing released a new update that lets Timing import your iPhone and iPad usage from Screen Time. The trick is that Timing will read the Screen Time data in the background (once you give it permission) and then incorporate that data with the rest of your Timing data. Daniel Alm, the developer, wrote up a full explanation.

The solution is really clever, but I wish it didn’t have to be. Just like Apple makes it easy to share your health data with third-party apps, they should also let you share your Screen Time data.