Big Timery Update and New Version for Mac

Today marks a significant update to Timery for iPad and iPhone and the release of Timery for Mac. If you use Toggl to track time, Timery for iPhone and iPad has been the best-in-class solution to interacting with your time tracking data for years. I’m so happy its developer, Joe Hribar, brought Timery to the Mac.

Timery for Mac Screenshot.png

Timery for Mac has all the same polish that you’d expect from Joe. I was a beta tester and saw firsthand how he was sweating all the little details. Just a few things that stand out for me:

Time Entry Suggestions

Selecting the description field when starting or editing time entries shows suggestions of saved timers and recent time entries matching what you’re typing. All of this is manageable from an external keyboard on Mac or iPad.

So many new shortcuts:

⌘-N: Start new current time entry
⌘-Shift-N: Add new time entry
Option-S: Edit start
Option-Shift-S: Edit stop
Option-L: Set start to last stop time today
There are a ton more than this. I’m in the process of mapping a bunch of them to my Stream Deck. Speaking of the Stream Deck …

Saved Timer Keyboard Shortcuts (and Easy Automation!)

Joe’s added a menu item to the Mac App that lists all of your saved timers. This makes adding automation-based timers on the Mac easy using the Keyboard Maestro “Choose from Menu” action.

I’ve been trying for way too long to add an automation layer to timers on my Mac. This one feature completely solved the problem. Using this simply trick, I’ve now mapped all my timers to the same keyboard shortcut on my Mac (Cntrl-Option-Command-G). Keyboard Maestro generates a conflict palette for me and I’m off to the races. Alternatively, I can embed the timer start/stop in any other Keyboard Maestro script. If you are not a Keyboard Maestro nerd, the app has built-in shortcuts for up to 30 saved timers.

Timery - KM Sript.png

iPad Sidebar

Timery on iPad now has a sidebar with the main sections and quick access to workspaces, projects, tags, and clients.

Multi-Window Support

On iPad, you can now have multiple windows of Timery. For example, keep Timery paired with multiple other apps in Split View.

Quick Add

If a logged time entry is not already a saved timer, its context menu includes an Add to Saved Timers option to quickly add it.

Round Duration

There’s a new option in Settings to automatically round the current time entry’s duration. The rounding mode (round up, round to nearest, or round down) and the rounding interval (1 min, 15 min, 30 min, etc.) can be configured in a new Settings menu. (Timery Club required). I’ve been experimenting with this feature, and I like it. When it comes to time tracking, I’m much more interested in hours than minutes.

This is an excellent update with many new features and an all new Mac app. The best-in-class app for Toggl-based time tracking just became even more so.