TripMode 2

There’s a new version of TripMode out. I’ve written about TripMode before. It’s a Mac app that will monitor your internet traffic and selectively turn off apps. This can be a lifesaver when tethering. As a quick war story, I once had a very large podcast file come in over Dropbox while I was tethering my Mac and burned through a month’s wireless data in about an hour. With TripMode, when I tether, I turn off Dropbox so that doesn’t happen.

The new version 2 adds several new features, including profiles and better app sorting. The best new feature is data limits. TripMode can now automatically block traffic when reaching a pre-defined data limit.

It’s a free upgrade if you bought version 1. If not, it’s just $8. If you ever tether your Mac to a wireless device, you’ll want TripMode.