Tweetbot for Mac 2.0

Yesterday saw the release of Tweetbot for Mac 2.0. (App Store)(Website) Hallelujah. This new version features a Yosem-ified interface that was sorely needed. Like its iPad sibling, Tweetbot on the Mac was looking very old. Things are now bit flatter, a bit cleaner, and fit in better on the OS X 10.10. 

The icons in this new version are cleaner and, in my opinion, better. There aren’t a lot of new features. The new tweet window now floats and doesn’t require you to tear it off the application.

I’m not entirely sold on the new icon but, overall, the new design is very much welcome. I hope the iPad isn’t far behind.

I have been poking fun at Tweetbot for a while with its antiquated versions on the Mac and iPad. I jest because I love. Tweetbot has been my twitter application of choice for years. Multiple times I’ve gone on a quest to find a replacement and every time I end up back in Tweetbot. It has always been a very stable application for me and has just the right combination of features and whimsy I’m looking for in a Twitter application.

Tweetbot for Mac version 2.0 is a free update for owners of version 1. Also, the price has been permanently lowered from $20 to $13.