Widgets and Wallpapers on macOS Sonoma (MacSparky Labs)

Now that I’ve installed the Sonoma beta on my production machine, it’s time to share some Sonoma tricks with you. In this video, I explain how to add and customize Widgets on the desktop, and I show you some of the new wallpapers and how they look on the Lock Screen, and reveal my favorite so far.

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Basic Apple Guy Wallpapers

I’ve seen Basic Apple Guy’s wallpapers popping up all over my feeds for a while now. Most recently, he released a beautiful Starry Night / Big Sur mashup. So I finally visited the site, and there is a mother lode of classy wallpaper there for you. While you are there, make sure to leave a tip. This was a lot of work.

My iPhone Wallpaper


Following yesterday’s post about my home screen, a lot of people were asking about my wallpaper. I picked it up somewhere on the Internet around the time the iPhone 5 released but now I can’t find where. If anyone knows, please send me a note so I can give credit and a link to its creator but for now, here it is.

Click Here to Download


Several readers wrote in to say the wallpaper’s creator is Dan Waldron (@dwaldron) who shared it with this tweet. Moreover, I’m pretty sure I found it with this post at MacStories.

Thanks everyone for writing in and thanks Dan for some great work.