New Link: The Art of Manliness


A few months ago I started following The Art of Manliness, a very well written blog about what it means to be a man. While I know this sounds silly, it is actually difficult to sort things out in this rapidly changing world. This is not a website about machismo and scantily clad women. It is real advice and one of my favorite blogs.

iPhone JD for iPhone Help

iPhone JD.jpg

Louisiana attorney Jeff Richardson has been quietly putting together one of the best iPhone sites on the web for business users at iPhone J.D. While it is supposed to be geared toward attorneys, I think the tips and references are very useful for anyone who uses their iPhone to get things done. This one is worth adding to your RSS feed.

New Link - Photography and the Mac

Photography and the mac 2420 w.png

I've recently added a new link for a great photography themed blog called "Photography and the Mac". This site is the brain child of LA Times staff photographer Robert Lachman. Robert has become an e-friend of mine as he helps out at the MacReview cast and my personal photography sensei. What makes Robert's website particularly RSS worthy is the eclectic mix of articles. Robert seems to take great pictures on anything from the most high end equipment to something simple like a camera phone. He gives common sense photography advice that everyone can use. Head over and check it out.

Scripting for Lawyers

Scripting for Lawyers.jpg

Today I stumbled upon a site that seems custom built for me. Larry Staton, a Charlotte attorney, has built a site all about automating your Mac for legal work called, appropriately, Scripting for Lawyers. The site has lots of interesting tips and tricks and most of it can apply to anybody interested in automating their Mac so head on over and check it out.

New Link:

Picture 4.png

I've been corresponding with my friend Kevin Morton. He just launched his site, which is his blog of about the transition of his law office from Windows to the Mac. Kevin, who is a very smart and friendly attorney, (Yes! Such people DO exist) hopes to share a lot of good tips that would be useful to any switching business. Head on over and check it out.

New Link - The Mac Attack


For some time now I have been corresponding with my friend, Steve Stanger, over at the "Mac Attack" podcast. Steve is a Mac guru and has probably forgotten more about the nuts and bolts of these little machines than I'll ever learn. Even more important, he is a very nice person and a pleasure to listen to. He has that rare ability to instruct without talking down to you. I am going to start making occasional contributions to Steve's show. If you haven't already, you should head over and subscribe.

Logic Fun and Links


This weekend I am officially taking a break from the law and (in addition to playing/swimming with my kids) planning on spending some time with Logic. I have about 7 different music projects all in one state or another of completion. While I doubt I'll finish any of them this weekend, I will have fun trying. In the meantime I found a great link at MacMediaCast for musicians linking some very good plugins right here. Check it out.

New Links

I've added a few new links to the margin and thought I'd mention them in a post.

My friend Darren Rolfe is just like me, a semi-contributor to Surfbits (and about to be a little more involved there) and running a new Mac Blog. I really enjoy reading what is going on in Darren's world and hope you will too.

zen habits

I discovered this blog about 2 weeks ago and it has quickly risen to the top of My RSS feed. If there is time to just read one web site a day, it is this one. Leo writes on productivity, parenthood, and good living everyday. His site really strikes a chord with me and I hope some you enjoy it as well.