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We've had a surprising number of listeners ask about Mac Power Users clothing. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that our graphic artist, Darren Rolfe, is brilliant. Regardless, we have opened the Mac Power Users Outfitters. I will be adding some MacSparky stuff and other funny Mac shirts in the future (Am I the only one that thinks a shirt that said Cmd Z would be hilarious?). I'm not convinced anyone is really going to buy any of this stuff except perhaps me and my mom (though I'm not really sure about mom). Regardless, have at it.

Sorting and Moving Documents with Hazel

In the Mac Power Users paperless episode(3), I commented that I do a lot of my document sorting automatically using a great little Mac application called, Hazel (reviewed here). So here is how I did it:

In the Hazel preference pane, pick the folders button and locate the source of your scanned images. Hitting the "+" button allows you to create a new folder to examine and, more importantly, a new rule. I'm making one to file my auto insurance statement.


This rule picks anything I've named CN Auto Statement. First, it renames the file inserting the date before the name. You simply drag the date created field into the name. Don't forget to add a space or hyphen between the date and name.

Hazel 2.png

Next, create a rule to move the file to your selected location.

Hazel 3.png

Finally sort it into a subfolder based on the year. Use the date created field and delete all elements except for the year.

hazel 4a.png

Hazel 5.png

Here is the final rule.

hazel 6a.jpg

I made rules for all of my regular documents. So long as I remember to name them correctly, the rest is done automatically. Thanks Hazel.

Announcing the Mac Power Users Podcast

Mac Power Users Logo 1.jpg

Yes, the rumors are true. There is another Mac podcast.

One of my very favorite Mac podcasters is Katie Floyd. She is extremely bright and a commited Mac geek of the first order. We first met, in person, at MacWorld 2008. Katie and I began talking about doing a podcast together at MacWorld 2009. We both agreed, however, that there are very many outstanding podcast already and simply adding another Mac podcast is pointless unless we have something unique to say.

In talking this through, we realized that we do have a lot of knowledge about using your Mac in the trenches. I obsess on things like syncing multiple computers, the perfect e-mail workflow, and distraction free writing. I know this is a sickness. I accept that. Sadly, Katie is similarly afflicted.

So we decided to produce a podcast where, in every episode, we would focus on one particular aspect of computing and cover it thoroughly. For instance, episode 1, that will publish sometime in the next week, will focus on e-mail. In it, we will share our best practices and recommended software applications for getting the most out of your e-mail. Our commitment to our listeners will be that in every episode you will learn a few useful things that makes your daily computing a better experience. In short, we came up with the one podcast I would like to have that is not already in my feed.

Mac Power Users is not going to be about the news and rumors. To the extent we go off topic, that stuff will always go at the end so listeners can move on.

Episode zero went into the iTunes store last night and you can already subscribe on the convenient button below. We have several ideas for future shows but are also interested in ideas from the listeners. If you have any, let me know. The show will publish twice a month.

This new commitment should have no impact on the goings-on here at MacSparky. I still intend to make regular postings of tips, news, and other things I find interesting. I also intend to continue to publish the MacSparky Screencasts (which I realize has been neglected lately) and submit software and hardware reviews. I hope you enjoy the new podcast. It is a good fit. Katie is very smart and I can't seem to get enough of listening to the sound of my own voice. It should be a hoot.

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