Email Version 1.1 Ships

Back when I was doing traditional print books, it made me nuts that something would change a week after my book shipped and there was nothing I could do about it. One of the things I love about publishing my books through the iBookstore is the ability to update them. This lets me fix mistakes and add new content.

Email version 1.1 is now available for download. If you bought it in the iBookstore, you should see the update icon in your iBooks app. It’s a big download so make sure you’re on WiFi and have some time on your hands.

I’m still finishing up the custom PDF version of Email 1.1. That will be going up this weekend.

A partial list of the updates include the following:

  • Better controls on the audio interviews
  • Fixed misguided confusion between carbon paper and mimeograph
  • Fixed Screencast 4.20
  • Changed the recommended write order
  • Converted Email Port list into a Table
  • Added Apple Mail archive keyboard combination
  • Rewrote the description of MailMate based on recent developments
  • Added additional screenshots to the Outlook Gallery
  • Added explanation of yearly archives

Speaking of udpates, version 1.4 of Paperless and version 1.2 of Markdown are both nearly done and will ship in January. These updates will include new screencasts, content, and other bits of love and affection.