Email Field Guide Version 1.2

Speaking of email, I’ve been hard at work updating the Email Field Guide to version 1.2. It’s now live in the iBooks Store. There are a lot of changes:

  • Added additional Gmail backup solution, Backupify
  • Added Google Takeout to archiving chapter
  • Added new section on Apple Mail Drop
  • Added new section and screencast on the Apple Mail Markup Extension.
  • Added new section and screencast on minimizing draft messages on iPad and iPhone.
  • Updated section on Swipe Options based on iOS 8 improvements
  • Added an explanation of Apple Mail Handoff
  • Added a new section for VIP Threads in Apple Mail
  • Added KeyRocket for Gmail Chrome extension
  • Added bacn remover
  • Updated for Microsoft Outlook 2014

I love that I can update content for my readers. If you’ve already bought the book in the iBooks Store, you should see the update badge light up. I’m finalizing the PDF version and will have that up by the weekend. Also, did you know that the Email book has 99 reviews? That is just one shy of 100. I’m just making an observation here. No pressure.