SaneBox, It Just Works … Everywhere

This week’s sponsor, SaneBox, might be my most used web service. SaneBox helps me manage the deluge of email. I’ve had a few releases in the past month, and that means the old inbox has been getting hammered. SaneBox has had my back the whole time, sorting email, with uncanny precision, into different folders automatically so I can find everything I need, exactly where I’d expect it.

Best of all, SaneBox works everywhere. The last few weeks we’ve had updates to both iOS and macOS and mail tools and plugins are breaking everywhere. Not SaneBox. SaneBox runs in the cloud so no matter how many times you update your operating system, change to different platforms, or just decide to switch mail apps, SaneBox keeps working for you.

There is a whole lot SaneBox can do to help you tame your email. To learn more, head over to SaneBox and use the links in this post to get a discount. Who doesn’t love a discount now and again?