Automate Text Entry for Your Whole Team with TextExpander (Sponsor)


This week is sponsored by TextExpander, the easiest way to start automating your work on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. TextExpander is a text replacement tool. With it, you can type a phrase like “ccell” and it will automatically fill in your cell phone number. But TextExpander is so much more than that.

TextExpander brings so much power to text automation, including Team Support. I’m a TextExpander for teams subscriber myself. Using TextExpander, my team supporting the Field Guides is able to get quick responses to customer inquiries with exactly the right information. Imagine if all of your customer support team could use a common bank of snippets, written and edited by your best writers and shared with everyone on your team. Not only that you can update the snippets at any time and they automatically populate to everyone.

I’ve done so much with TextExpander over the years that I even have a page of snippets I’ve created that you can download ranging from movie to reviews to conference calls. One of my personal favorite groups is foreign thanks where you can say thank you to people in most language. Sending an email to a French friend, just type “french thanks” and TextExpander gives you “Merci”. It’s like your own, personal translator.

To learn more, head over to and let them know you heard about it at MacSparky in the “Where did you hear about us” field.