The Keyboard Maestro Field Guide Update

I’ve just released the first free update to the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide. This new version includes ten new videos covering all the significant new features in Keyboard Maestro, version 9. New videos include a full explanation of the Elgato Stream Deck and how to use it with Keyboard Maestro, support for the Catalina Music app, automating optical character recognition, working with multiple editor windows, combining items on the clipboard, dark mode and additional palette themes, how to tag multiple files automatically, and how build your own Pomodoro Timer. My favorite is one that lets you apply multiple tags via Keyboard Maestro script.

If you already bought the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide …

Great news! This is a free update. Log into your course. Anything with a (1.1) in the title is new.

If you haven’t bought the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide yet …

Why not? A lot of course graduates are crushing Mac automation with Keyboard Maestro. You should too! To further entice you, I’m giving you the discount code HOORAYKM to get $5 off. Hurry, though. That code expires in a week.

As always, you can stream or download the videos. Also, I am about to start doing monthly seminars for Field Guide customers to cover specific titles. The first one will be with Keyboard Maestro Field Guide customers. If you are already a customer or about to become a Field Guide customer, keep an eye on your email in the next week for further details. Space will be limited.